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8 Unforgettable Wedding Moments

Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony? Have you ever found an unforgettable moment in any wedding? For some, the most unforgettable moment is seeing the bride and the groom exchange rings. For others, it is fabulous wedding music, first romantic dance or the free drinks. What’s your unforgettable moments on wedding ceremony? Share with me.

The Wedding Ceremony

1. I love seeing the bride on her wedding gown for the first time. Every bride looks gorgeous on her big day. Of course, her wedding gown counts a lot at this special moment. The styling of the wedding gown and the makeup of the bride can always leave a deep impression on others. 2. It is a priceless moment when a groom sees her bride with graceful wedding dress walking down the aisle for the first time. His eyes lit up with immense joy and some sort of nervous. He first appreciates and then turns to be grateful, because he knows that from now on she is the only one for him. It moves me every time. 3. Observing the expression of the bride’s father is also unforgettable. When the beloved daughter gets married, the father is usually happy and a little bit sad. He knows that his daughter has already found her life companion, but at the same time, his daughter will leave home and lead a life at his husband’s home.

The Only Love Oath

4. Hearing the only love oath of a new couple is really touching. The only love oath proves true love between the bride and the groom. The new couple makes a promise to each other that no matter what happens, they will love each other forever. How unforgettable this moment is! 5. The moment when the bride and the groom exchange rings announce the marriage between them. It is unforgettable for sure.

The Bridal Bouquet

6. Have you ever got a bridal bouquet? Have you ever noticed how happy the people around are when the bride throw her bouquet? I have got a bridal bouquet once. At that time, I was really very happy and I wished that some good things would take place. 7. Taking a family photo is necessary on the wedding ceremony. Seeing the happy face of each family member is really very nice. The bride joins her husband’s family and become a member there. Every family member welcomes her and treats her like family. It’s really amazing, isn’t it?

The Honeymoon

  8. The bride and the groom leave the wedding ceremony to have the honeymoon is a pleasant sight, and this moment is definitely worth memorizing. Those all tiny moments, but for me, they are the most unforgettable moments. What’s yours?

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