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5 Incredible Studs Earrings for 2013 Christmas

Drop earrings and dangle earrings are still on the edgy. This year, studs rock very well. Now, when Christmas is approaching, enjoy editor-picked 5 incredible. Say goodbye to stereotyped earrings with the same design. Today, let us embrace incredibly designed mixed and matching earrings design.

The punctuation studs design is unique and eye-catching for every wearer. One is question mark bejeweled with crystal while another is exclamation. Simple, cute, complex of your personality releases through it.

The more dangerous, the more eager you are to have a try. That is what hits me at my first sight of this pair of lightning studs earrings. If you are obsessed with gold lightning studs, you must be a kid who has no fear and has great interest in anything described as the danger by parents. If you were grounded at lightning night at kid age, now you could enjoy shinning and sparkling lightning now.

Who told you that heart and arrow should be in 2-in-1 look? Actually, they deserve different design, just like this pair of heart & arrow studs earrings. Keep heart in your left lobe while arrow in your right lobe. How cool it will be!

Do you love X sign to be designed in studs earrings? No matter what your answer is. It has come out! X sign is widely used and accepted by people. NO, STOP, WRON, X-MEN….. Which meaning makes you obsessed with such a design?

Love is always the theme when making jewelry. Then, L,O,V,E could not always be together. When they got separated, love is still forever. Wear them and enjoy!

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