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4 Damages Caused by High Heels

Whywomen love wearing high heels? And what makes women’s heels become higher andhigher? Of course, men’s appreciation of longer legs and sexy silhouette worksmost. Besides, women have great desire to have slim figure, sexy long legs andcharming first impression. These all are positive effect, magic and function ofhigh heels for both men and women. That’s why you may witness more high heelsappear in the street all over the world.

It issaid that high heels are started since mid-century and serves as men’sfootwear. Gradually, men quit such design footwear while women fully enjoy it.You could tell that from every woman’s shoes closet. It seems that women aremuch smarter than men are in dressing themselves up with versatile designedheels. However, after years, people finally find out that men are winners insuch fashion competition. Why say so? Women bears all short and long term sideeffects, most of which are connected with pain feelings and disease, caused byhigh heels, while men avoid such effects and they could freely appreciatesurrounding women’s beauty that partially created based on high heels.

Thoughmany women who have such experience have admitted the pain brought by highheels, still some of them have fluke mind to think that is common and willdisappear without any effort. To be honest, comparing to advantage of wearinghigh heels, like confidence boosting, curves accentuating and height improving,invisible pains and further damages looks so invisible and non-persuasive. Nevertheless,truth is always ugly. When you finish below, you will know that great sideeffect of prolonged wearing high heels.

Feet Injuries

When wearinghigh heels, all of your weight will stress on our balls of feet. According tostudy, if we do not pay attention to such condition, it will end up withMetatarsalgia. I do not mean to scare you. It is what happened on many highheel wearers.

If shoes are very tight,your feet may suffer pinching pain in every step. Bruises and blisters often aretreated as common feet damage. But it does hurt and make daily life lesscomfortable and painful.

Ankle Injuries

Ankleinjuries are considered the common and tiny damage. When you wear high heels walkingon uneven road, it is easy to twist your ankle and feet. You may think it iscommon but the pain is not common sometimes. It may last for hours and even aday. If your shoes straps do not fit well to keep your ankle in the rightplace, it may cause ankle injuries more frequent and harmer.

Knees Damage

It iscommon to see that high heels beginner have strange or weird position orwalking figure. However, funny or ugly silhouette is not important than suchbad position caused knees and spine damage.

Spine Damage

Firstly,long-time wearing high heels may cause great damage to your spine when you didnot notice it. For a long time, spine is easily out of shape. Gradually, yourwhole body functions will be badly affected.

So, friends. To have better figure and good health, wear flats in casual days and make your feet have enough time to relax.

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