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3 Glitter Ways to be Stylish in 2014

Most of women cannot say no to bling blingstuffs. They always find glitter thing first in shop and easily fall for it atfirst glance. They want to be spotlight in a crowd. There is no doubt that theywould love to have something glitter or sparkling on their body. Now, here aresome tips for you to be sparkling!

When it comes to be gleaming and glowing,many women may think of metallic outfits. That is a great idea and the common onefor most of people. Then, when picking metallic dress, you should be careful tokeep a balance between glittery and flashy. Here is the tip to achieve thatperfect balance.

Matt Metallic Garment

Compared to shinning and dazzling outfits,it is better to try some that has matt look and not that stage-style.Considering that metallic garment is shinning itself, try to pair other commonpiece.

Sparkling Nail Polish

French nail style is always classic choice.However, if you want something glittery, you should go ahead to more modern andshimmering ones. There are many colors available for glitter nail polish. Evenwearing low-profile light glitter pink one, your finger look will still beeye-catching. If you choose the one with extreme shinning, people cannot turntheir heads from your twinkling fingers.

Glitter Shoes

Pumps are another way to show yoursparkling style. I wore red one on my wedding and it perfectly matches one ofmy wedding grown. Shimmering pumps are good for vibrant spring and summer, butnot good for cold winter to show its glitter.

Now, go get glitter style.

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