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2014 Spring Flower Print Pants

Flower prints pants are not new fashion trend.It has rocked for years. When spring is approaching, it is the first pantspiece coming into my mind. In spring, it may be earlier to wear dress becausechill comes from legs exposure. Then, pants are best alternation. Jeans,leggings, casual pants and jumpsuits, there are so many choices. However, amongmany, flower print pants are good choice for spring. It features all kinds offlower prints, which echoing spring blossoming. In addition, flower pantsalways go with light solid background under flower prints, then, it is easy topair with any tops or coats. In a word, in color, shade, or prints, flowerpants is a good match to spring season.

Middle Pants:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Deluxe-Cotton-With-Chiffon-European-Long-Casual-Pants-10775586.html

Left Bottom Pants:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Vogue-Slim-Flowers-Print-Cotton-Ladys-Leggings-10882409.html

Upper Left Pants:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Elegant-Elastic-Low-Waist-Jeans-9682855.html

Right Pants:https://www.tbdress.com/product/Inexpensive-Cropped-Trousers-Slim-Leggings-10762663.html

With green and red prints on, the middleflower pants are more vibrant. The yellow pants features light yellowbackground and white prints on. Therefore, it looks a pair of yellow pants as awhole if you do not have close look. If you love such look, do not miss it.Simple designed T-shirt or blouse can achieve a neat fashion look. If youprefer elegant flower prints pants, the left bottom one is best design. Darkprints give a slim feeling and silhouette for wearers. No wonder, women love itvery much.

However, today, you will know that printspants do not defined to flower prints or white background skinny pants. It cango out of box, like prints on jeans or doodle prints.

The upper left prints jeans are a gooddesign to illustrate that jeans could be so young, different and chic. Whilethe right doodle prints pants are more young style in print, design andconcept. If the above three flower prints pants get attention of office andmature women. These two prints pants will be popular among the youth. There isno doubt about that.

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