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2014 Early Spring Fashion Look-Sweater and Pants Collection

Early spring is approaching. That is whyFashion Icons are so are eager to take off chunky winter clothing. However, aswe all know, early spring always comes with mix of warm and chilly days. Then,how to be stylish and warm without sacrificing chic look is a big topic forfashion goers. Here, our fashion editor picks functional and esthetical earlyspring collection.

Sweaters are warm and must-have pieces inwinter. Unlike chunky or heavy winter sweater hidden in down coat, springsweater goes more thin, young and vibrant in function, color and style. Theyare full of spring vibrancy and energy like the world does. Then, below springsweater just fits that. It is full of street chic style, made in multi colorsand features its flying bat-like design that can cover the whole winter accumulationaround waist and hip. Someone might give his or her doubt on its style for itssimple look. However, as we always said, simple is best and less is more. Manycelebrities try this way. The easy way to be successful is to follow what theydo and finally to find your way. Therefore, the easiest way to be fashionableis to do as fashion icons at first. White sweater and other colors are bestearly spring pieces. Besides, when the world does not wakes up from coldwinter, exaggerated or fussy style cannot catch attention only weird look.

For pants, flower pants always work best inspring than summer due to summer has been full of blooms. Considering thatspring is still chill sometimes, pants are better than skirts.

Sandals may be not good for spring. That iswhy the editor chooses pumps. A pair of elegant pumps can completely highlightyour whole look by elongating your legs. However, if you feel cold, high bootscan give you warm and fashion style as well.

Flower Pants, click to order


Colorful Spring Sweater, click to order:


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After seeing our editor’s option, you must have your idea. Why not have a try? Put onsuch a set! When necessary, you could just add a trench, replace boots or havea new makeup. Fashion look is done in minutes!

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