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2 Wonderful Themed Weddings

Adding particular themes increases cheerfulness of wedding ceremonies. It is not bad to add some unique, geeky and dissimilar themes in wedding parties. Special themes leave unforgettable memories of wedding day which make you laugh, whenever you recall your memories. Geeky and ridiculous photos and video clips of themed weddings make you remind the golden event of your past, when you started your new life. The memories of the special events, when you hold the hands of your life partner, with a promise to live together for the whole life, give you happiness.  

  Kids and kids of kids enjoy photos and movies of themed weddings of their parents and grandparents. It is not bad, if you start your new life with some special style. Ridiculous photos and movie clips can give pleasure to you and your family members. Since I think, it is the best way to fill your past memories with happiness and joy.   There are uncountable means to add geeky and ridiculous themes in wedding ceremony. Here are some themes which people like to add in their wedding ceremonies.  

Movies Wedding Themes
  There are many youngsters who want to add supper hero movie themes in their weddings. They would like to make their getups like supper heroes. Currently, Super Mario and Princess Peach, superman and Superhero Wedding themes are most popular amongst the people. Couples try to add features of the movies in their wedding ceremonies. Themes are demonstrated by wearing the same dresses and makeup similar to the characters of movies. The dresses of bridegroom and bride are also made like the dresses of stars. Some couples decide to add horror movies like zombie and vampires makeup as their wedding theme. Additionally, the adventure scenes of movies are also applied as wedding themes. The people influenced by cartoon movies, add cartoons themes like Hello Kitty and Shrek in their weddings.  

Special Wedding Themes
  Apart from movies, some people add special themes to make their wedding ceremony remarkable and unforgettable. Usually these themes are based on the hobbies and profession of the people. For example, an engineer wedding can be themed by adding heavy machinery in wedding ceremony. Similarly, a sailor can use his boat as wedding room. Airplane may be the wedding room of a pilot. So, lot of themes can be added to make the wedding ceremony ridiculous which doesn’t only increase the pleasure of the wedding day but also leave unforgettable happy memories in your life.  

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