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There are plenty of ideas that you could borrow from the list of well executed Wedding reception themes. However do not feel pressured to abide by them as you can come up with one of your own.

One of the most common wedding reception themes is the travel back in time theme. As the name implies the hosts’ goal is to bring back the old golden days in to the present.  This can be tricky to achieve but with this few pointers, you can easily pull it through.  To start with, black, white and red ought to be the theme colors.  Use Black and white linen materials to spread on the tables and chairs. You could also tie white or black ribbons to flower vases or baskets. In short use either of the two colors for any of the wrappings. Your center pieces should be composed of red flowers. There are no limitations to the type of flowers as long as they are red in color. Crystals and materials made of feather were a must have during those times. Find a way to incorporate this in your décor. For instance, Mix up the color of the feathers in the centre pieces along with the red flowers. Crystal balls can be hanged from the edges of the table. Have a record player to air out some of the best selling records of artist like Billie Holiday among others during the 30’s and 40’s. Better yet, hire a live band. This theme is incomplete if the photos are colored. During those times, photographs were in black and white so do not forget that detail.

The other theme that is much loved is the beach theme.  If you cannot afford to be at the beach your location should at least have a swimming pool or fountain to complete the theme.  Use white, blue and aqua as the main colors.  For decorations, maritime features real or imitation come in handy so long as you blend them correctly and put them in proper places. The snacks can be served from large sea shells (bought from stores).  For card holders, pick the ones that add on the beach feeling for example pine tree holders. Serve Champaign from starfish flute glasses and use dolphin shaped openers to open bottle caps.

Wedding reception themes require proper planning so start early so avoid rushing the last minute.

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