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If you want a more laid back ambiance in contrast to a sophisticated one or even a city versus country atmosphere you can steer your preparation crew to achieving just that. There are two common themes for weddings that people want to try but without the proper articulation, end up failing to bring it out. [caption id="attachment_10793" align="alignnone" width="550"]themes for weddings themes for weddings[/caption] Vintage are very commonly selected themes for weddings as they are effective in creating an aura of elegance, refinement class and at the same time bringing back the good old days. In terms of attire, The Victoria error is characterized with a lot of lace.  The bride should look like she has just stepped out of the Victorian age. Wear a fitting satin dress, full length gloves and a hat with a netted face veil. Your maids should back you up by wearing body hugging suits or dresses and laced gloves as well. Soft curled hair dos are ideal for the vintage theme. Roll Royce, trolley car, Bentleys, or the usual Horse and carriage are the common means of transportation that represent vintage. Your overall color scheme should include soft pink, blue, cream and green floral linen.  Hire a DJ or live band that enjoys playing classical music to finish up on the vintage theme. Don't settle for this theme if you will not deliver that picture. [caption id="attachment_10794" align="alignnone" width="550"]themes for weddings themes for weddings[/caption] Themes for weddings that are deeply traditional in nature are easier said than done. Due to the traditional aspect, be very careful with the decorations that you display. Every antique has its own meaning and if used for the wrong purpose it can be seen as an act of disrespect. Originally, Asian wedding had only red and gold color schemes but with time, other colors such as lilac, purple, burgundy are gaining popularity.  Depending on which part of Asia (Korea, china, India, Philippines etc) you come from consider some factors such as food, venue, dress code and vow ceremony prior to planning. Get the facts right beforehand so that you do not end up mixing several customs in what is considered a highly traditional marriage. [caption id="attachment_10795" align="alignnone" width="550"]themes for weddings themes for weddings[/caption] Themes for weddings such as these are to be implemented at weddings where either of the couples are Asians. However if you re not  native and you wants some aspects of the Asian themed wedding, incorporate only the basics such as clad and food (noodles) leave the deeper traditions to those that know them best.    

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