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10 beautiful wedding cake ideas, light your wedding up

Wedding cake is a very important part of a wedding. A wedding cake could reflect the love of the bride and bridegroom. The more beautiful the cake is, the deeper of the love is. Wedding cake is to a wedding what the bride is to the bridegroom. Wedding cake can not only reflect the affluence of the couple but also the influence in the couple’s friends and relatives. Because the bigger the cake is, the more guests the couple has and the more impressive the wedding is. Now many young people desire to save money in their wedding, but they wouldn’t save a coin from the cake of their wedding. So no matter in the east and west, wedding cake plays a very important role in a wedding. Besides the new couple, it is the center of the wedding. Here are 10 beautiful wedding cake ideas. We hope they could light your wedding up.

clip_image002 1 white empaistic flower wedding cake clip_image004 This is a white empaistic flower wedding cake. We could see the lifelike flowers on the pure ivory white cake. The empaistic works are so meticulous that the cake looks very saint. 2 Romantic bird themed wedding cake clip_image006

The color of this wedding cake is simple but the overal is romantic. The black leaves on the light blue cake are obvious and special. The black and white kissing birds are the symbol of bridegroom and bride. The overal of this cake is romantic and perfect.

3. Triple heart themed wedding cake clip_image008

This is a lovely heart themed wedding cake. The triple heart decoration of the surface is very cute. Triple heart is the symbol of triple love. Two hearts on the top indicate the heart of bride and bridegroom. Also they like the little ears of bunny.

4. Summer flowers themed wedding cake clip_image010

Summer is the most vibrant season in a year. Summer is the flower’s most flourish period. This cake is a summer flowers themed cake. With the flower ornament and the drawing, it is very beautiful.

5. Supper excellent value blueberry wedding cake clip_image012 This is a huge blueberry wedding cake. It is simple design and best quality is its most shining point. You have a lot of guests. This big wedding cake can satisfy everyone’s appetite 6. Little love themed wedding cake clip_image014

If you don’t have so many guests, so this little wedding cake is a reasonable and proper choice. This cake fits small-scale wedding.

7. Spring sakura themed wedding cake clip_image016

A total Asian style wedding cake, the 3D sakura decorations cover the whole cake. The cake like the snow, the blowing sakura indicate the love of the new couple comes from a very bumpy way and finally breakthrough and come out. It is very meaningful. This kind of love will never fade in the lifetime left.

9. Beautiful butterfly themed wedding cake clip_image018

Butterfly is a symbol of loyal love in China. It is said that two Chinese lovers like Romeo and Juliet died for love and finally become butterflies. So butterfly is a very romantic animal. This wedding cake with butterfly decorations is also a very romantic symbol of love between bride and bridegroom.

10. Classic style wedding cake clip_image020

Classic style sometimes is the eternal style. this wedding  cake with the lily decorations and statues is so classic that indicate the new couple’s eternal love.

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